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Do your Family Members a Favor and Minimize your Stuff

We live in a materialistic world and it is easy to accumulate physical stuff without even realizing it. Have you thought about what would happen with your physical stuff when you leave this world? Would your family members actually look forward to dealing with boxes of stuff which have been sitting in the garage for decades? If you have time in your hands and you are looking for something to do, do everyone a favor and minimize your stuff.

When you leave this world, your family members are probably having a hard time dealing with the loss. In addition to your family members living their busy lives, they will have to deal with all the red tape involved in ensuring that your assets and liabilities are taken care of. The last thing they want to do is to go through boxes of useless stuff which you have accumulated in the garage or around the house.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. If you have not used it in the last twelve months, it would be safe to get rid of it. If it is something you have outgrown, it would be safe to get rid of it. If it is broken, get rid of it. Don’t think that your family members will want to keep your postcard collection because they probably don’t. Maybe you can have an open discussion with your family members on what should stay or go. You can either donate the stuff and give it to a new home or to someone else who would better appreciate the item. You can also have a yard sale and keep the extra cash for yourself. There are so many benefits to a minimalist lifestyle and you should enjoy those benefits whilst you are alive.

The point is this, don’t think that you are doing your family members a favor by hoarding and saving stuff for those “what if” moments because chances are, your family members might just throw everything into the trash because they are just overwhelmed with all the clutter and trying to handle their grief at the same time. So, do everyone a favor and take care of your stuff so they can concentrate on celebrating your life instead.